Saturday, September 02, 2006

Love and truth

After all the fuss about the Independent saying that female bloggers only ever write about childcare and gynaecology I have been very wary of straying into those subjects on my blog but after reading this beautiful, heartfelt piece of writing I am no longer letting that bloody Dejevesky woman dictate what I should and should not write about. I think I'll give the gynaecology a miss though.

Rock on Mollster!!

It's funny the way the blogosphere restores your faith in human nature. It's truth you see, it always gets you and people seem to be able to be really truthful on here. Strange, when I have had patients who have been prepared to be so truthful with me and it always hits you straight between the eyes. You never forget those people.

One day I was griping and shouting at the kids and realdoc minimus, she was about 4 at the time, just put her arms up and said, 'Love me, mummy'.
How could I not?
I do and I will and I will never forget.


Billy said...


Like you, I tend to want to avoid people writing about children but if somone writes something affecting, genuine and beautiful, I don't care what the subject is.

BEAST said...

you forgot , boys and soft furnishings
but awww anyways

cello said...

Thanks for the link. Never worry about what other people think you should write. I am ragingly emotional and think the world would be a whole lot nicer if we all expressed what we feel more freely.