Thursday, June 14, 2007

This is quite interesting

Some clever scientists, with not enough to do, have worked out how much the internet weighs.

They have calculated the number of electrons which fly around every time a piece of digital information goes whizzing down the line and worked out that the internet weighs.......

.....wait for it

..........................2 grammes!

On a completely unrelated topic I have read that there is now a Cornish Liberation Army who are threatening bomb attacks in Cornwall. Now we live in Northern Ireland and , quite frankly, we have had our fill of liberation armies. We are going to Cornwall on our holidays which now appears to be one of those 'frying pan into the fire' decisions which I have been prone to make. I only hope that they delay the outbreak of their struggle until after the realdocs have left.
Just popping out to book next year's summer break in Gaza.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Stupid reasons for buying things #1

I purchased this clock for my new kitchen so that on New Years Eve we can watch all the flaps turn over and pretend we are stuck down a hatch like on Lost.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Relaxing weekend...I wish.

Sorry I wasn't around at the weekend but I was bringing a group of 10-16 year old girls on a trip to Dublin for an introduction to waterpolo from the Women in Sport initiative. I gained a lot of knowledge and insight from the day (including spending 7 hours with them on a minibus) as follows:
  • waterpolo is a very violent sport especially when the kids get to "tackle" their swimming coach at close quarters.
  • I now know every feature on my phone (and all of their phones)
  • I have had a crash course in how to play Animal Crossing (a game on those little machines they all have)
  • If you let a bunch of girls loose in a shopping centre they will spend all the money they have brought for lunch on shoes and hair accessories.
  • I now have an intimate knowledge of Hannah Montana, High School Musical and how "hot" Orlando Bloom is.
  • Teenage girls feel that saying "whatevah" is too much like hard work. They now say "vah" instead.

It is a relief to be back in the laid back and relaxing atmosphere of the NHS.