Thursday, September 21, 2006

Ho hum

Bored, bored, bored today. Well at least there's a Green Wing book coming out soon.

I may have mentioned before that Mr. Realdoc is a radiologist. He was at a conference recently and was given a little dolls' house CT scanner, so thanks to him and to littlest realdoc (who did the sets) here is Green Wing in Sylvania.

I have also been developing an editorial policy along the lines of the very yummers billy.

Realdoc's editorial policy

1. No real names

2. No real point

3. No reality at all really

4. Shameless plugging encouraged

5. Free medical advice for all those suffering from bizarre and embarrassing conditions

6. Whinging and ranting almost invariable

7.If losing readers post a picture of a sylvanian

8. Absolutely no shame about plagiarising other bloggers good ideas*

9. um

10. is a nice round number

* bugger forgot an apostrophe here it is then ' (Bad grammar gets you into trouble around here you know)


herschelian said...

Omigawd, do you mean to say that in adddition to trying to make a blogroll from two washing-up bottles and some sticky-backed plastic I am expected to have an editorial policy as well? This blogging lark is bloody time consuming.

chatterbox said...

What exactly are they doing to Harriet on that operating table. As for Dr Mac as a sheep, hmmm well the ears are a good approximation as are the curls, but shouldn't he be a ram?

realdoc said...

Hersch: can I call you hersch, anyway yes blogging is bloody time-consuming. Ask my poor starving children who have to spend every waking hour making sets for my crap green Wing photos.

chats: I was going to make Mac a cat but it didn't look right somehow. I thought the fawn was right for Caroline, what do you think?

ziggi said...

1. think of something
2. write about it

I always wanted the SF narrow boat but my kinder were not interested

annie said...

Ha ha ha! Is that an actual model of an MRI machine? Did you make it yourself? (or have it around the house already maybe?) That shows true attention to detail...

cello said...

The Green Wing sets are hilarious. I want a whole book of them now. Is the dark grey badger(?) on the right supposed to be Guy? I'm going on the checked shirt and tie.

And you're probably not losing readers but suffering from beta-block, I'd guess.

realdoc said...

ziggi: its number 1 I have a problem with

Annie CT scanner model kindly supplied to Mr Realdoc by some CT company at a conference. (wacky guys these radiologists)

Cello: I originally thoughtthe unspecified animal in the checked shirt was Alan but it's not right is it? The trouble is the Sylvanians have a rather limited wardrobe.
PS bloody bloody beta, you can't change back you know

annie said...

I beg your pardon, you did already say in the post. Bad blogger *slaps own wrist*

Little Star said...

Awww I just love Sylvanian Families!!! That's great Realdoc! Aww they're sooo cute!

james henry said...

I really did think there was a Sylvanian CAT scanner thing for a bit there. I'm embarrassed now.