Thursday, August 31, 2006

TV is crap and so on.

The other night I managed to win the evening tussle ,with Mr. Realdoc, over the remote control (termed bosher in our house God knows why).
Instead of a documentary about death, his choice, I selected one of those 50 best... shows, giving Mr. Realdoc the opportunity to shout 'I went to school with him' every time Alan Davies or Hari Kunzru appeared. It's not a bloody life achievement or anything but the fact that he went to school with someone who is a ?'F' list celebrity seems to make him content so who am I to argue.
Anyway these shows are titting irritating aren't they? You say to yourself 'I'll just watch it for 10 minutes'
but then they show the end of Blackadder 4 and you think it might be good
but then they show endless clips of crap like Robin's Nest or Love Thy Neighbour so you think you'll turn over
but then they show the 'I'm a doctor and I want my sausage' clip from Fawlty Towers (a particular favourite of mine) so you stick with it.
After all this you watch to the end even though it goes on until 2 in the morning or something and the No. 1 show is something completely obvious. You own most of the good shows on DVD, anyway, but haven't had them out of the box since you got them for Christmas 5 years ago.
So you go to bed writing a letter to Feedback in your head. (Why oh why are our TVs clogged with this claptrap etc etc etc I'm a doctor and I want my quality programming etc etc etc)

At the end of the day it's nothing but bloody repeats ...harrumph.

Climbs out of Daily Mail reader persona and tries to resume normal life.

The link between The Beatles and the CT scanner is that EMI made so much money out of the Beatles that they gave their engineers loads of money for research and they came up with the CT scanner.
No Beatles, no accurate cross-sectional body imaging. Who says music can't change the world eh.


Wyndham said...

I think that's the first time I've ever learned anything on a blog that I can drop into what laughably passes for conversation in my neck of the woods. I'm talking about The Beatles/CT scanner thing; I knew TV was crap already.

BEAST said...

wyndham I was just thinking the same thing.I am rather enamoured with(or is it of) crap TV , but you have to be selective.....celebrity detox is pretty cool , you get to watch various z list 'celebrities' getting a high colonic as it happens.....this always causes much mirth chez beasty.
And of course who could fault The Osbournes

ziggi said...

I thought you real docs went to bed at 9pm with your Horlicks and a Good Book ready to save humanity by 9 am (ish!) the nest morning?

Instead you claim to watch crap TV like the rest of the proletariat - still you do know some interesting facts - I like to learn something new everyday, so what's today's little gem of knowledge please?

realdoc said...

Wyndham nice to know I'm helping conversation chez triffid.

Beast I see enough colonic related stuff at work thank you very much.

Ziggi I'll have to think about that one

realdoc said...
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