Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I'm Bob Swipe! No I'm Bob Swipe etc etc ad nauseum

*See Mr. Swipe's blog for clarification

Well Swipsters Bobcast 3,856,721 is up and features many wonderful works from Twickenham's finest bands and some Roxy Music B sides.
So get over there now and subscribe today and you can have my soothing tones ease you through every minute of your day.
Meanwhile, to my female readers, I definately would! Especially Spins and Heather.

Now open your books at page 87 and lets get our heads around Camus shall we.


Robert Swipe said...

The cheque's in the post, 'Docster

Tedward's Missing Ear said...

"Robbie, Why are the underwear pages of Mum's catalogue stuck together again... I'm telling on you"

Trying to enter into the spirit of things as Mr S's younger sister (as am usually realdoc's younger sister- Please note the younger). Don't think I quite pulled it off. I'll get my coat.....