Thursday, September 07, 2006

Quiz Results

You all did much better in the quiz than I expected. I thought that post would last me a few more days at least. Anyway the final results were:

1. Tedward's missing ear 12 points
2. Billy 10 points
3. Annie 6 points
3. Anon 6 points
5. Chatterbox 4 points
5. The whales 4 points
7. Vicus scurra 2 points
7. herschelian 2 points
7. ziggi 2 points

However as the winner is actually my sister and has seen my book shelf I feel that Billy should get the prize. Here for you Billy is some soda bread...enjoy.


Billy said...

Yay! I won (well came second)

Mmm... soda bread. Yummers! :)

annie said...

I would've tried harder if I'd known that baked goods were on offer.

ziggi said...

me too - plus of course I knew a LOT more just other people were quicker! (coff)