Thursday, September 14, 2006

The schizophrenia inherent in blogging and other unrelated topics

I was reading a most excellent post from Mr. Swipe which set me musing on the split personalities that result from blogging.

I try to be truthful in my posts but I acknowledge that a certain amount of 'buffing up' goes on. My virtual readers do not get to see me blowing a gasket at work or standing on a table treating everyone (well, no-one actually) to the rude version of 'Yesterday' after a few too many gin and gins. ('Thank the crucified Christ for that!' you all chorus.* )

Which is the 'real' me? Work me? Home me? Realdoc? I suppose all of them if I were truthful. I tend to be quite selective in who I tell about my blog but I have noticed that I tend to tell people who know me very well and who have known me for a long time.

The other funny thing is my mental image of various bloggers based on their cyberspace persona. Mr. Swipe, for example, I picture as an interesting but rather rebellious English teacher. The Mollster I imagine lying on a chaise-longue in a large white room with blowy net curtains. Billy, in my head, is always wearing a linen suit and a boater. (I think it's the 'yummers' that did it).

I will sign off as I have just realised that this post is just incoherent wittering. You can all imagine me pacing around my book-lined study musing on a diagnostic dilemma if you like.

(Slopes off to cook the fish fingers and slump in front of the telly.)

*'chorus'... who am I kidding.


Billy said...

I could do a low-rent linen suit with cricket trousers and a chef's jacket but I look rubbish with hats on. Just generally ill and ease.

"a few too many gin and gins"

Oooh how do you make those? They sound like my kind of cocktail.

Vicus Scurra said...

What is it that people object to about incoherent wittering? The whole world is doing it. Let us applaud those of us honest enough to acknowledge our guilt.

Rabidus Badgerus said...

I always tell the absolute truth on my blog. Oh yes.

Incoherent wittering? There is a lot of that, though.

chatterbox said...

'gin and gin' - my favourite drink... Like gin and tonic, but you use gin instead of the tonic.

Personally I find the lemon slice dilutes the drink a little too much, so the chatterbox recipe is lemon-less

Word verification - kzpkb - the sound made doing up the the zip and popper on a kagoul?

What were you saying about incoherent rambling realdoc?

flamagated_binchvoyd said...

rambling is healthy, if not you keep it all in your head, and thats when you start getting the voices, or so im told.

herschelian said...

You go right ahead dear, stand on the table and belt it out....I'll just hum along.
BTW gin used to be known as Mother's Ruin, now in our house it's known as Weapon of Ma's destruction.

Baggiebird said...

I must admit I always create a mental picture of my fellow bloggers but i doubt any of them are correct. I do see Molly as some fantastically pretty 1920's movie godess, all grace and beauty

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