Sunday, August 13, 2006

WiFi "quick" installation

My afternoon was completely wasted trying to install wifi on my laptop. My brother in law who is a professional computer whizz spent 4 hours fiddling with the bloody thing to no avail. If it makes him curse and shout and bang things about what chance do the rest of us have ( being in our twilight years with early onset Alzheimers).
After a blissful first day as a blogger, feeling all cool and techno-sorted, my equilibrium has been upset by this and also by the fact that I have been harrassed by some bird flu police people simply by saying I don't want to think about our imminent destruction by said virus.
Is there a nanny state in the blogosphere now? Will I get rude comments from the wifi police or the Alzheimers police if I am not sufficiently reverential about their chosen obsession.

So here is a pretty picture staged and taken by realdoc minimus to cheer us all up.


rockmother said...

Hello - I got here via oyebilly. I sympathise. I tried several times to install my wifi and it ended up being thrown back into it's box and put away for nearly a year. I then summoned up the courage/stamina to try again recently. Nearly put a breezeblock through my screen in frustration within ten minutes. In the end - I paid a nice man from Macdaddy to sort it out. £100 later and enough time to slurp a cup of hot tea was all it took. Best £100 ever spent I'd say.

Molly Bloom said...

Welcome to the bloggin' world Realdoc. I do like's really cute. I think the little tiny Sylvaners are the best thing ever. I don't really know anything about can't really help I'm afraid..

realdoc said...

I had promised to do a Green Wing sylvanian scene a la Adam and this space.

rockmother said...

I made a series of Sylvanian Family Massacre photo's - will put them up on flickr soon. Sort of worried me that I did that though but they are very funny.

realdoc said...

Sounds good Romo I just don't think I'll let minimus see them quite yet.