Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Big, Big Sea*

I have often moaned in my posts about living a long way from civilisation but there are sometimes advantages. I happen to live 15 minutes drive from this place...

White Rocks Beach, Portrush

I have to say mostly it is pissing with rain so perhaps this photo is rather flattering however there are days when it is just as beautiful as it appears.

On days like this I dress up in a rubber suit and throw myself in the sea hanging on to a piece of plastic. There is no better cure for feeling low, fed up or angry than being tossed about like a piece of flotsam (or is it jetsam? I can never remember the difference).

I have a dear friend who once gave me a very good piece of advice. She said we should all imagine we have a spiritual box, a physical box and an intellectual box and you've got to put something in each of your boxes every day to have a happy life. For me swimming in the sea takes care of the first two boxes. So if anyone out there is feeling down and you happen to be near the coast I recommend flinging yourself into the big, big sea.**

*The Big Big Sea by Martin Waddell, one of the best children's (picture) books ever written. Worth a read even if you've got no kids.

** If you are planning to swim near here and are not teflon-coated the rubber suit is essential


annie said...
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annie said...

Lucky you, being next to the sea.

I agree on the genius of Martin Waddell, (the kids in my class especially loved The Pig in the Pond, and think it's hilarious that the farmer gets his kit off and you can see his bum.)
Must check out The Big Big Sea.

baggiebird said...

Mmm I love swimming in the sea, it's really great up until you get stung by a jellyfish and then it's less fun and more blind panic at everything that brushes past you! Jellyfish stings are so very painfull !

Spinsterella said...

My Mum grew up in Portstewart. She goes on and on and on and on about how she wants to live somewhere with a sea view.