Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year's unrealistic aspirations

I hate New year's resolutions, they're pointless and I never keep to them so this year I decided to have some unrealistic aspirations instead.
I am wondering about whether I should consider becoming transhuman; which, I'll concede is more ambitious than resolving to go to the gym occasionally, but probably just as unlikely.
I could become a poet or improve my cooking or, better still, combine the two.
I could learn Finnish as I fancy going to Finland but it is a confusing language and I'm not getting very far on this forum so far.
I could get a new man but after a certain age they all look the same to me.

So there you have it, my unrealistic aspirations for 2007. So in all probability I will just keep posting the same old nonsense in the hope that someone is reading it. Although, ahem,because of this I will have to do another podcast.

Finally a little piece of advice to all you women out there, if the man in your life is irritating and difficult to get rid of, why not give a gift that sums up his inner qualities.


Dave said...

You certainly deserve the award. The podcast was wonderful.

I never did do a podcast of a sermon, but if you should happen to want to see an example of the genre (I think it was you wot suggested it) which you may have missed, look at my place's Christmas Day post.

Billy said...

Why not do a toast-haiku in Finnish? On the subject of Kenny Rodgers?

Oh and yes, another podcast please.

Valerie said...

I actually own a cookbook of recipes written by poets. I've only ever used one recipe ("Poets' Beer Bread"), but it's pretty tasty. Maybe the two combine well.

I think your aspirations are quite fine and, as you say, about as likely to succeed as hopes for weight loss, increased exercise, or the reading of improving books.

Bring on the second podcast! Thy public awaits.

Tedward's Missing Ear said...

As you know I've always found Kenny strangely attractive, and so I have taken up Billy's challenge*. Here goes, ahem:

Kenny you're yummers.
I could spread you on toast. And
You look like Santa.

* sorry the Finnish was beyond me

rockmother said...

Yes - your podcast was brilliant - far better than anything I could ever do. I've just broken my new years resolution by drinking white wine instead of red which was meant to be none at all as from today! I'm just stepping down with white - it was the last one in the house. Honest!

Arabella said...

My first belly-laugh of the New Year. Thanks for the Kennys.

Spinsterella said...

Wonderful stuff.

Has anyone ever been to a Kenny Rogers Roasters Restaurant? I think that's what they're called. There are lots of them in Malaysia but I'm not sure if they exist anywhere else.

Billy said...

The notion of "Kenny Rogers Roasters" has created a very unpleasant image in my mind which just won't shift. *shutter*

(love the haiku by the way)

Wyndham said...

Ironically, Kenny Rogers has had so much plastic surgery done that he doesn't look like Kenny Rogers anymore, more like Clodagh Rogers.


Tedward's Missing Ear said...

Yes the plastic surgery has been a big mistake. He now looks like Santa in a Beverley Hills stylee. He clearly didn't know when to walk away nor when to run.

realdoc said...

Looks like Clodagh Rogers eh...how ironic.

Tedward's Missing Ear said...

I was going to say that but didn't want to blow your cover. Oh. oops

rockmother said...

Blimey - she was my granny's favourite. Is she still alive?

Mangonel said...

Those ties are fantastic! Quite beautiful! And they made me laugh. A lot.