Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Blogging in a vacuum #2

Blogger is being a total bastard* again just when some interesting posts were turning up, see here. So if you are all doing brilliant posts and I haven't commented it's because bastard blogger says I'm a computer virus or some such nonsense. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Meanwhile you should watch this. The problem with the NHS is that doctors are all bastards*, apparently.

*bastard is my swear of the day


Tedward's Missing Ear said...

Gosh everyone's getting very saucy on the internet today, but I'm not saying any more about that here. Dave may be reading!

Spinsterella said...

Ooh, cheers.

Blogger is indeed being a total bastard. I thought it had gone and killed off all of us who hadn't gone over to Beta.

But it's not really working anywhere.

Oh, this is weird - this is the third time I've had the same word vref....it's smenita - I seem to remember that from the last time. WTF?

Spinsterella said...

It's still smenita...but I can comment (albeit very slowly).

I'm kind of scared so I'm going to go to bed and read some more of Dan Brown. (For Tim's project, not for fun, that is)

Valerie said...

It's always smenita, today.

A little bit too close to amanita for my liking. Death cap mushroom, anyone?

rockmother said...

Uuuuurrrrr - I've just had smenita on another blog - and now I've got it again after being told that comments couldn't be found. Sounds like some sort of depilatory product.

Anyway - I'm quite glad blogger hasn't been working properly as I've been a bit lax over the last few days.

Bastard bastard bastard. There you go - do you feel better now? x

rockmother said...

Effing Nora - that took 6 attempts. I'm going to bed (in a huff!).

Billy said...

Blogger seems to be working now. For now.

Dave said...

I wish to apologise* for my blog about the NHS today - but at least I did it without rude words.

*No I don't.

ziggi said...

hello - testing testing 1 2 3
if this works it will be a miracle and you won't know that it's the 1000000000000000 time of trying and I've forgotten all the witty and interesting things I had said on the first few hundren efforts ... grrrr
how's the kitchen?

ziggi again said...

what does javascript void mean anyway - and I can't be a blogger to comment just an other - I hate blogger - I think I'll go and make some more mayo - recipe over at First Nations - it's yummy

Annie said...

Oy vey. You have my sympathies - apparently all that's wrong with education is the bastard teachers too.

llewtrah said...

I kept getting smenita. We debated whether it was a girl's name, a depilatory or a linseed pudding.