Thursday, November 06, 2008

This is the dawning of a new era*

The first day of a new golden era dawns. Well he hasn't managed to change the weather in Ballykissarse yet but still he can weave the words can't he. Something about seeing that black family on stage in that sea of people made me cry until Mr Realdoc pipes up...'Well at least the bullet-proof glass industry will survive the recession now'.

*On the first Specials album good song.

P.S. There is a stupid man on woman's hour saying there are no female bloggers and giving that stupid woman, who moved up North and thinks she deserves a medal, another bloody namecheck. Now some stupid woman is mentioning blogs that are useful............useful nobody told me they were supposed to be useful


Vicus Scurra said...

Don't worry, I have never thought of you as useful. You are much too important for that.

Betty said...

I love The Specials. Terry Hall is a miserable cunt and therefore is my role model.

You are a fount of medical knowledge (the comment you've just left on Geoff's blog is an example of this). If that sort of thing isn't useful, I don't know what is.

Geoff said...

Does Mr Realdoc know Barack's a Hammer?

Books are useful as doorstops (especially that book about the woman who moved up north). Blogs are useless in that respect.

I'd better check out your comment now. I'm all nervous.

Tim Footman said...

I want Terry Hall to go round to see that bloody woman in the north, and sit at her posh breakfast table and be miserable into the muesli and teach her children to say sing 'Stereotypes'.

Dave said...

My blog is very useful. Enabling people to see there are others worse off than them - it's the only service I offer to the community these days.

Robert Swipe said...

Hello Realdoc - great to see you back. I heard some fabulous, gruff, flourescent-bibbed Ulster accents on the 222 this morning, hurtling through the airport...with hindsight, a sign, perhaps?


The first Specials LP will always be very close to my heart. It was one of the first (and I use the term advisedly) 'contemporary' LPs I ever bought and having already pinched the first 2-Tone single (Gangsters/The Selector) from Woolies and owning as I did a rather spiffy 2-tone suit, for about 15 seconds in late 1979-early 1980 I came the closest I've ever come to being (for want of a better word) *cool*...

L.U.V. (indeed) on ya,


Richard said...

I share Mr Readldoc's cynicism.

I may well be a bit late on this one but have there been any reports from your side of the channel of registrars scouring the records for any O'Bamas?

realdoc said...

vicus: it depends if talking shite is important.
betty:he was a star wasn't he. I saw them live and when the 2 tribes of skin heads started rucking he just stopped the band and took the piss until they were too embarrassed to continue.
geoff: don't be nervous you just need more G&T
Tim; was I the only one singing Ratrace to myself all the way through my A levels?
dave: I still think with that impressive sonic implement you could be the 11th doctor.
Mr swipe: good to hear from you. That album is now framed on my kitchen wall, in hindsight one of the best ever.
Richard: They have already tracked down the Irish connection for Obama, maternal great grandfather from County Offaly apparently.

Anonymous said...

One of the few things about Radio 4 I do not miss: Woman's Hour. Tossers.