Thursday, November 13, 2008

The queen of cyber CBT

Is it just me or is there a sense of ennui hanging over this particular corner of the blogosphere at the moment? What with patroclus threatening to quit entirely, annie on a break, the non-appearance of Tim's review of the Wire or the fact that geoff has pains in his legs and GSE can't get enough things to hate. If that isn't enough the 'W' has fallen off my laptop (which means thatI have to employ a piece of wire if I want to post a question).

I wonder what we can do to cheer everybody up a bit. I thought that the election across the pond may help but the general view seems to be, 'nice man but I bet it won't change a bloody thing'. I am therefore issuing a challenge: try to post something amusing or inspiring which will give us all a lift in these grim post-crash, pre-Christmas days...that's right let's all think positive shall we.

O bollocks to this shitting w


Vicus Scurra said...

You have been listening to too many soccer players and commentators.
And I am NOT going to write something amusing for Christmas on my blog. It is already November and I haven't had a single idea for my card yet.

The Dotterel said...

Well, I've had my plaster off and on the way to the hospital yesterday I passed a house with the first Christmas tree of the season! (And I mean, the full works - baubles, tinsel, lights, the lot.) There, if that doesn't cheer you up I don't know what will.

Geoff said...

I could post a picture of my legs.

They're inspiring.

wv - readd (almost reald)

Robert Swipe said...

"I wonder what we can do to cheer everybody up a bit."

I've been doing my bit realdocster.

I haven't posted anything for well over a week...



p.s. rwod vesicarififaction: tompla

Worth a go, I suppose - might win a bottle of Liebraumilch...

Dave said...

I used the word 'ennui' too today. What are the odds agaisnt two random bloggers using the same word with 24 hours of each other, eh?

Tim Footman said...

Coming tomorrow or Monday. Honest.

(WV is 'acker'. Am wearing a bowler hat in its honour.)

Valerie said...

I've even got ennui on the US side of the pond — dunno what it is. Blog ennui or Internet ennui, anyway. Maybe it's a reaction to having my head pressed to a laptop for the last year and a half, obsessively watching the presidential campaigns.

I'll get over it. Maybe it's also a little bit the change in the season... though the only sign of that here in San Diego is the shortened days. It's still bloody 92°F (33°C)

Boz said...

I've just posted about ennui! Dammit! It's bloody back, isn't it? Bastard bastard thing.

Right. I am going to think HARD and look for inner INSPIRATION.

It could be a long time coming.

Boz said...

So instead, I've committed blog theft FROM THIS VERY BLOG.

Bad Boz.