Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Full Metal Fandango

I'm sure you all enjoyed a laugh at the discrepancy between the avatars and reality in the Second Life divorce saga. Presumably supermodels and film stars chose fat, balding, bespectacled alter egos.

Whilst we are on the topic of technology and sex, which we sort of are, Mr realdoc has developed a crush on this 'blushing young lovely' (his words....eeeeuuugghh sounds like the person who writes the blurb on page 3 of the Sun, who I met at a party once and who wasn't quite as repellant as you may think, but I digress.)

This young lady plays a Terminator on the Sarah Connor Chronicles and Mr realdoc's admiration has led us to several discussions on whether the homicidal metal mercenaries from the future possess full working parts and whether this young lady's fandango (copyright TME) in particular would be accomodating (him) or would incorporate an impressive arsenal (weapons rather than the football team -me). So any ideas?

***UPDATE*** Fandango has made the word cloud, hurrah! Although arse has now gone.....arse, arse, arse, arse. Maybe the blog gender analyser will get my gender right now.


Anonymous said...

I didn't like the sneering tone in that whole Second Life divorce. How dare fat people try and make themselves look more attractive! The audacity.

I look nothing like my avatar, obviously.

As for the terminators, I imagine them being like Barbie/Ken dolls.

Anonymous said...

Erm... I should make it clear the sneering tone was in the newspaper articles I read, I wasn't implying your were sneering at all.

Dave said...

Steel trap.

Dave said...

Oh, I've just noticed I look exactly like my avatar now.

Boz said...

She may be a Terminator, but she has wonky wabs.

Geoff said...

Shirley Manson's in it? Where's Julian Dicks?

FirstNations said...



gotta be like a bear trap. or a roach motel. I MEAN COME ON ITS A TERMINATOR.

or, you know, like inspector gadget? and theres a helicopter mechanism up in there that deploys for quick getaways. which when you think about it would be really handy.

Annie said...

Ooh, it's Summer Glau, she's the pinup of choice for geeks, sorry, superintelligent fans of sci-fi everywhere. Mr Realdoc should watch Firefly too.

Tim Footman said...

Boz is right. Her funbags are a bit offkilter. And oddly compressed as well.

As for her downbelows, I suspect she's just got a USB port or the like.

The wv is "cluffe", which imho is better than "fandango".

Robert Swipe said...

Apart from the wig, the make up and the nylons, I look nothing like my avatar.

(However, if you're looking for an obvious identifying feature, I do carry my strat around wherever I go. [Well, I've got to lick *something*, haven't I?])

Well, she's a lovely lass, but she's no Wendy Hurrell, is she?

(Triffic bazoombas, mind...)


p.s. wurt fiorcificatoini: outfu

...another note from Felix Unger??

realdoc said...

I suspect she would have some sort of swiss army knife arrangement, my choices would be bottleopener, condom dispenser, usb port, eyeliner sharpener, spare toothbrush and a pepper spray but each to their own.

Her norks are a bit assymetrical aren't they but Mr realdoc only notices the 'blowjobby lips'.

Tedward's Missing Ear said...

She looks just like you realdoc... apart from the wonky norks of course and sadly the blowjobby lips. I like the swiss army knife idea but I'd give her just one gadget - a great big pair of sharp scissors to cut off anything that comes near it. I tell my husband all other women have these, works a treat.

Richard said...

Ooh, I know who she reminds me of, and you need to be of a certain age (old) for this, Alexandra Bastedo who used to be in the Champions with Stuart Damon and Bill Gaunt. Same eyes and mouth.

Jayne said...

What Annie said. Really. Watch it, it's fab.