Wednesday, February 21, 2007

That meme that's got everywhere.

Seven things I have wanted to be (in chronological order, roughly):

1. 10
2. Anne of Green Gables
3. Hawkeye
4. An olympic swimmer
5. Someone's valentine
6. A bass player in a punk band
7. A polymath

Seven things I have been:

1. Gawky
2. A prefect
3. A barmaid
4. A (very crap) DJ
5. An assistant at a liver transplant
6. A GP
7. Disillusioned


Mangonel said...

10? Like Bo Derek 10? *sigh* me too . . .

Mind you, for me, every day actually IS Valentine's Day, so that's some consolation.

I loved AoGG. It made me feel, for the briefest moment, that 'Gilbert' was a cool name.

what a lovely chewy list - I could go on - but have you seen the time?

llewtrah said...

A crap DJ? You podcasts suggest otherwise!

Dave said...

Hawkeye? Like in Last of the Mohicans? Me too.

Or did you mean the Korean War surgeon? No, that would just be typecasting. You meant, like me, that you wanted to roam the wilds of Canada as a pre-teenager.

Betty said...

I think everyone over the age of thirty has reached number seven on the Things I Have Been list.

Tim Footman said...

How many crap DJs have assisted at a liver transplant? You're better than Lisa I'Anson! How can you be disillusioned after that?

Word verification is "labnnj", which is Arabic for a lady's intimate region.

realdoc said...

A few clarifications:
10 as in years old rather than the Bo Derek 10
Hawkeye from Mash rather than the dashing native American Hawkeye.

I really was a crap DJ, at college I remember we were doing a disco for the Uni Asian society and Turning Japanese and Kung Fu Fighting were played.
*Hangs head in shame*

Valerie said...

Maybe you were a crap DJ, but based on your podcast, you have redeemed yourself since!

Dave said...

As everyone in the whole world seems to have done this, I suppose I had better. My place. Tomorrow.

But seven isn't enough, he pouts.

First Nations said...

how do you make the liver stick on once its in someone?

realdoc said...

Its sort of sewn in and all the plumbing connected, all the other stuff in there keeps it in place.

Anonymous said...

What is a Polymath? Sorry, i'm quite new to all this. At least you acheived number 1 (I assume) so its not all bad. although, I'm slightly worried about wanting to be number two. Why?????

realdoc said...

Polymath = well read, knowledgeable on a lot of subjects, not just a bullshitter, like what I am.

Anne of Green Gables: because there were very few role models for little red-headed girls in those days and also I fancied Gilbert Bligh.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

i love no. 1. That's adorable.