Sunday, February 11, 2007

I'm not dead I just blog as if I am

Despite evidence to the contrary I am not dead but the much over-rated, and hellishly inconvenient, real life keeps getting in the way of my blog. I am still reading everyone's stuff but not always commenting. Hopefully I will be back with a vengence soon.

I will be in London again this week visiting the in-laws for half-term. (I know, I know my carbon footprint is the size of a small African nation). Unlikely to see any of you though, as I will be accompanied by the kids and a grumpy consultant radiologist. The itinerary is thus certain to include:

  1. A visit to the only specialist sylvanian family outlet in the UK (in the wasteland that is Finsbury Park in case you're interested) with baby realdoc.
  2. Top Shop Oxford Street with petulent teen realdoc. (feel my pain)
  3. The Science Museum to see the first CT scanner (again).
  4. (if I get to choose) A trip to Divertimenti to slaver over the lovely kitchen accessories which would look perfect in my embryonic new kitchen but will prove too expensive for Mr. realdoc to agree to purchase.

Give us a wave if you spot us.


violetforthemoment said...

There's a specialist Sylvanian Families outlet in Finsbury Park?? Ooh, that's down the road from me, I may have to go and be all nostalgic. They went downhill for me when they started doing the ducks though.

Do enjoy your trip, I wish you kitchen things.

Dave said...

Well, we only missed each other by a few days.

I did meet one other blogger on my trip through London Town last week, which I shall describe in embarrassing detail tomorrow.

Billy said...

It's amazing what you can find in Finsbury.

I try and avoid Topshop on a Saturday; too many teenagers in stripy jumpers in my way.

annie said...

I know exactly where you mean, my friends used to live in that street, we used to look longingly at the Sylvanian families every time we passed (having no kids of our own to buy for.) If you carry on down that street for about 5 minutes you get to Clissold Park - you could show littlest Realdoc some real deer!

annie said...

It's me, Annie from Slaminsky - I don't know why it's gone all signing-in-crazy around here - Beta is worse than getting past the bouncers and the velvet rope at some hip nightclub these days.

Tim Footman said...

A Sylvanian Families theme restaurant has just opened in Bangkok, and I had to cover the launch. I was a little sniffy about the whole thing, but then the PR woman pointed out that the company running it was also the sole distributor for Doraemon, and they were selling DORAEMON PACHINKO sets which are utterly cool.

I think if I'd been a bit more positive about the Sylvanians, she might have given me a free pachinko set.


Spinsterella said...

Sylvanian Families...

I can't quite recall, but I'm picturing creepy little dolls with faces like gerbils dressed in red gingham?

Billy said...

Oh and I wish I'd thought of that post title. Splendid.

Dorin Willows said...


your blog is most useful.

i am currently writing a story (a horror one) about a few things in n ireland, but trying to do as much research about these new housing developments in northern ireland that all look exactly the same and the sense of urgency that these are being built for what reason i can only assume to be the greed of the property you or your friends have a view on this?

i myself like you are from northern ireland but am still living in ghetto hackney which I love (i do community development work) i couldnt email you as my blasted outlook at work is set up at home, and i dont want to email you from my work address lest i should get in trouble.
please feel free to check out my blogspot or you can email me at

i look forward to hearing from you

p.s. i'm a lady but dorin willows is my writers name (unfortunately i always find people have more respect for male horror writers, mary shelley excluded)

realdoc said...

vftm: the sylvanian shop is really sweet and worth a visit.

dave: hope you enjoyed Rome.

billy: I think my stripey-jumper clad daughter wants to be with her fellows so I may have no choice.

annie:Clissold park is nice from what I remember, it's a while since I've been.

tim:I must not let littlest realdoc find out about the restaurant otherwise we'll be heading out to Bangkok for Easter and quite frankly the planet could do with a breather.

spins: see my blog previously for sylvanian picnic, sylvanian nativity and sylvanian Green Wing.

billy (again): yes I was quite pleased with that one.

dorin: welcome, I used to live in Hackney maybe that's where all the Northern Irish go. A horror story about NI architecture you say, how very apposite.

violetforthemoment said...

annie, there are deer in Clissold Park?? This is a new one on me and I worked in the vague area for a bit. I clearly need to find excuses to go on more field trips.

llewtrah said...

Toys R us had loads of Sylvanian Families stuff. I got an overdose of cute and had to lie down in a darkened room with some incense and Black Sabbath CDs after helping a friend shop there.

(Blogger ate my last attempt to post this)

rockmother said...

We re-arranged the contents of my friend's daughter's Sylvanian Families House to look like the Sylvanian Family Chainsaw Massacre. And we took photo's. Goodness we laughed. It was their wedding anniversary and alcohol was involved. I think I should probably be banished to Sylvanian Families Anonymous.

baggiebird said...

Ooh I most certainly will give you a wave if I see you as i'm in Londin myself tomorrow. I'll keep an eye out for you

ziggi said...

How exciting I'm going to London tomorrow! We are going to see Wicked on Sat - it's something that I feel able to relate to!
We are not taking teenages or teenagers in training - we have been there and got that terrible ill fitting t shirt. However I do have a suggestion for your teenmonster - take her to Madam Tausaud's (can't spell or be bothered to look it up - sorry)and into Chamber Live. I took mine and they were rendered speechless for hours - mind you I was similarly scared out of my wits but the large Australian guy in front of us, into whose arms all 3 of us jumped was worth going round for again!

MotherPie said...

Real life does get in the way...isn't it funny that we think of a blog life and a real life...

Anonymous said...

Realdoc, I think you should mention (boast) that Babyrealdoc is one of very few kids to be in possession of a miniature model body-scanner for their Sylvanian friends!

Ted said...

"the company running it was also the sole distributor for Doraemon, and they were selling DORAEMON PACHINKO sets which are utterly cool."

What are these?? As a pachinko connoisseur I try to keep up with these things, but never heard of them.