Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Worry, worry, worry.

There are a lot of things I should be worrying about,
having to write an essay on systems theory,

the state of the world,

whether the way I wear my scarf will single me out as a twat,

how to cope on less sleep than normal because the bloody BBC are repeating this so bloody late,

if littlest realdoc will cope alone for 4 days here on her first school trip.

What, in fact, am I thinking about when tossing and turning in the wee, small hours.......

Bloody stats


llewtrah said...

I used to worry about stats. Then I got kicked off my original webhost because my website got popular and "unlimited bandwidth" turned out not to be unlimited after all.

I did some systems theory at Uni when I did my software degree, but the only thing I remember is that the lecturer was very charismatic (and something about feedback loops). Can't remember the subject at all! Moved on to "soft systems methodology" and that's a bit more memorable, except that all I can remember is the acronym CATWOE

annie said...

Nooo, don't do it, don't install the stat counter - I was perfectly happy til I got one.

How old is littlest realdoc? (I think you've already said, but remind me again?) 4 days is quite long I think.

Anonymous said...

Ah, systems theory. Up there with all my favourites - scientificy sounding things that people started jumping all over in the 60s and 70s and claiming for their own, failing to remember that it was applied mathematicians and electronic engineers in the (war-driven) 40s that sorted it all out for us. Next time i hear a climate scientist make a claim for "positive feedback" or "the butterfly effect" i may well hit the roof!

Edinburgh - great place for late drinking. Or should i not have said that?

the whales said...

Oops - i nearly figured out how to leave a post then! That anon one was me, the-whales.

Ps realdoc - glad you liked Imogen Heap.

Mangonel said...

I thought the whole scarf thing happened because scarf-makers - no, make that scarf-sellers were providing less and less bangs for punters' bucks, so the only way to get any benefit at all from these shoestrings was to do that god-awful tug thing. And of course it's the easiest thing to do with a shoestring. If we invested in / knitted scarves of proper dimensions (think T. Baker as Dr Who) you couldn't actually do that god-awful tug thing. Not without a lot of effort and possibly a dislocated shoulder.

See? Having seen 'The History Boys', and noticing that everyone else commented on the clever stuff, I went for scarves. Exhibition material or what?

BEAST said...

Being shallow has its advantages , I find I generally think about chips or sex...well most of the time really.
It makes for a stress free life :-)

Marsha Klein said...

1)Systems Theory - umm, dunno, sorry

2)State of the World - tricky one that. So much to worry about, what to choose first?

3)Oops! Twatdom, here I come!

4)Missed the start of this first time round and now I've missed it again.

5)Whereabouts in Edinburgh is littlest realdoc going? I hope she has a lovely time.

6)See (1).

Dave said...

I have nothing to add to what has already been said.

Geoff said...

Number of returning visitors is the only thing to worry about.

As for the rest, just look for the funny searches. I'm still swamped by people looking for the lyrics to the Sandi Thorn (sic) song.

Yes, it is a sick song.

realdoc said...

llew: CATWOE, woe indeed.

annie: she is 9 and a very important 1/2. I think 4 days is a long time too but they are keeping them busy and she's bringing photos of everyone, cats included.

whales: Mr von Bertalanffy, crazy name, crazy guy.

mangonel: scarves matter!

beast: sex and chips takes up quite a lot of space in my mind also.

marsha: she has a packed itinery, camera obscura, the castle, a puppet theatre, dynamic earth etc I think she'll be too busy to be homesick, hopefully.

dave: hi, hope your radiologist was nice.

geoff: yes Im getting a lot of hits from 'middle-aged women'. Maybe I'll do a 'Menopause...the truth' post.
No maybe not

Urban Chick said...

aw, littlest realdoc will be just fine and dandy in this fine city

she can always come to mine to play with the chicklets :)