Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I am stupidly busy at the moment trying to do some or all of the following things:

1. Facilitating a culture of excellence in primary care.

2. Assisting in the creation of integrated, pathways of care.

3. Analysing the data from the QOF (Quality and Outcomes Framework)

4. Doing an irritating post-graduate diploma in health service management.

5. Buying all the Christmas presents, food, etc etc etc

6. Writing bloody, bloody, bloody Christmas cards.

7. Revamping the contents of my ipod.

8. Contemplating the imminent demolition of my kitchen.

9. Worrying in a pathetically clingy mother type way about littlest realdoc going away for 4 days.*

10. Angsting over what is the best way to approach the purchase of a 'first bra' for eldest little realdoc.

So if I am around less for the next few weeks that's why.**

*Should she bring her sucky blanky? Upside: she is comforted by its presence, downside: she may get teased.

**What I shall probably do is spend hours hanging around in cyberspace kidding myself I am searching for useful references to systems theory when I am in fact 'just checking' on the blogroll in case anything earth-shattering has happened.


rockmother said...

Oh for goodness sake - you are doing FAR too much! I'm exhausted reading all that and I didn't even bother to get to the bottom of the list! Stop Stop Stop! I can't believe you are even contemplating Christmas - it's only Nov!! xxx

herschelian said...

6. I have realised that one can spend far too much time stressing about Christmas cards, if you have to send them don't write an essay, keep it to sentiments and signatures only.
9. Send her with sucky blanky,pop it in a little bag so nobody knows its there, it will be a comfort to her to know she's got it - specially at night. As for teasing, the others may well have their own equivalents!
10. Large branches of M&S have a proper bra-fitting lady (corsetiere?)and they are really brilliant for first bra situations. John Lewis stores are the same, they will make her feel special -shortly thereafter she will be off to Top Shop or similar and be buying totally unsuitable black and red racy numbers and then you'll have a different worry on your list!

Wyndham said...

Gosh, what a busy lady. The Christmas card thing I really don't understand. Which is probably why I don't receive any.

First Nations said...

yarg, the first few sound deadly. i detest corporatespeak and all its minions, its powers and principalities and all who sail in her. gaaaaaaah.

Mangonel said...

email everyone telling them Merry Christmas, the money we would have spent on sending cards has gone towards buying chickens for a poor family in Africa. Lots of love, Realdoc.

The rest I didn't understand.

Marsha Klein said...

6) You notice everyone's fixating on the Christmas cards (and not only because we don't understand the rest!) Why do we do it to ourselves? Christmas cards - love buyin' 'em, HATE writin' the buggers!

9) I bet lots of the other kids have got some sort of "comforter" too, but I do sympathise - my younger one (who's naturally very cautious) is about to go on an "outward bound" type school camp.

10) Bras: What herschelian said.

Mark Gamon said...

Cancel Christmas till December 21st. There'll still be time.

Dave said...

I thought women were good at multi-tasking?

*ducks, and hides under desk*

realdoc said...

The whole medical management thing is tedious in the extreme but can make a difference if someone who knows even the smallest amount about patient care is involved, and that is me at the moment.

Thanks for all the advice on christmas, bras and sucky blankys and dave you're in feisty form today aren't you?

Spinsterella said...

4. But you're a DOCTOR! Doesn't that piss all over any silly little 'diploma'?

5. I'm hosting family Xmas for the first time ever this year. Are you suggesting that doing everything on Xmas Eve is too late?

6. I don't send 'em. I still have friends. Don't worry.

10. As long as she's not the last one in the class to get one, don't worry.

Tedward's Missing Ear said...

re: 10. Just think of how Mum handled it and do the exact opposite.

still traumatised after all these years.

ziggi said...

hmmmm - downsize or you'll never be able to comfort him through the cricket - tears here, almost.
Send the blanket, buy a bra for you at the same time, shop on-line for christmas pressies while your supposed to be working, take a break and watch the cricket with him, everything else won't feel so bad after that :)

Spinsterella said...

hahahaha - I've just written a whole post about the bra-trauma, but Tedward's just said it all much better and more succinctly.

Billy said...

What do those first 3 mean? I'm curious, no really I am.

Tim Footman said...

"1. Facilitating a culture of excellence in primary care."

Whenever anybody does anything, say "excellent". But sometimes, when what they've done is rubbish, say it in a sarcastic way.

Where do I get my management consultancy fee?

patroclus said...

Facilitating a culture of excellence in primary care.

Oh god, this is the kind of sentence I have to write Every Single Day.

Still, according to LC's blog, I really love my job.

Which is facilitating a culture of excellence in written marketing communications.

realdoc said...

I refuse to believe billy that out in Oz you are really interested in the management strategies of primary care, but here goes. My job is to help GPs get better at what they do, which is tricky as they are independent contractors and basically think that my organisation are a bunch of bastards out to give them more work. My job is to act as a go-between which basically means (although it sounds a bit paranoid)everybody hates me.

baggiebird said...

Oh dear and i thought I was busy. Never mind RD just keep thinking of the couple of days releative peace you'll be having in Jan ;-)