Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Realdocs hit the big city!!!!!

Anyway, Mr Realdoc has not bought me an ironing board cover as predicted but has stumped up for a weekend in the big smoke. This is good as I will be missing the annual 'team-building' beano at work which apparently requires 'stout walking shoes' and which will no doubt end in tears and recriminations.
So all you hip young gunslingers I need some recommendations for what to do whilst we're there.

Under consideration so far, in no particular order..
1. The Leonardo exhibition at the V&A.
2. A look at the newly restored Hawksmoor church.
3. The Holbein exhibition.
4. Tapas, curry and any number of other types of ethnic cuisine unavailable in the environs of Ballykissarse.
5. Science museum (natch)
6. A raaawwwkkking night out with fellow bloggers. I have to say Mr Realdoc is very anxious about this one as he fears no-one will talk to him. (He also fears me getting rat-arsed and making a tit of myself to be honest. Also he thinks you may all be grooming me.*)
7. Shhhhhhhooooooooppppppppinnnnnggggggg. Hurrah!
8. All manner of unmentionable activity in a luxury hotel (where Madonna had her birthday party apparently).

So my little Docettes** what should we do?

*How do you groom an old bint by the way? Pluck out her grey hairs and trim her gnarled toenails perhaps.

**Docettes sounds very wrong, like some sort of feminine hygiene product.


Billy said...

Obviously 6. I will be there. (this may be an incentive to select another option)

Vicus Scurra said...

Just go somewhere quiet where he can read his Arlott without any interruption.

Richard said...

Doesn't the band also feature Joel Veitch who is responsible for and the viking kittens cartoons among others. The Holbein exhibition at the Tate Britain looks to be very good. Either way, enjoy yourself.

annie said...

Aw! Mr Realdoc is lovely. Take him up for a drink in the bar at Tate Modern (bypass the art if he's not into it, but the bar is great for the view.)

If you're visiting the Hawksmoor, St John Bread and Wine in Commercial Street next door is meant to be very nice food...

Robert Swipe said...

I'd go for the Rodin at the RA - best sticky buns in the museum world too, if Mr. R is feeling flush.

The Kandinsky at the TM is excellent - if a little brief. Within shooting distance of Borough Market too - best part of London and close to two of the best pubs in town - the Market Porter (inside the Market, can't miss) and the George (an old coaching Inn just off Borough High Street - a cellar so good that the Flowers IPA comes up as cool as a lager...)

Give the Borederline a wide berth - it's a shithole...

Whatever you do, have fun,


realdoc said...

Thanks for all the suggestions. We may follow some if not all of your advice.
On the other hand we may be so intimidated by all you cool city slickers that we don't come out of the room all weekend.

patroclus said...

The Borderline is indeed not the most glamorous of venues, but this fact may be partly concealed by crowds of people dressed as photoshopped otters and kittens (not me, I shall not be dressing up as any kind of photoshopped furry mammal).

Tell Mr Realdoc not to worry - we're all lovely people really. But we'd probably forgive you for not coming out of your room all weekend either - what are anniversaries for, after all?

Mangonel said...

If you do go to the V&A, the Ardabil carpet is sensational (in the Asia wing) and because it is now on the floor you get to see why it is asymmetrical

Molly Bloom said...

Be a flaneur and come and visit me via your storyxxxx

I go with Billy's vote.

Vicus Scurra said...

I resisted the temptation to suggest that he gets his hands round that Arlott and wouldn't be able to put it down.

james henry said...

We didn't see you, so I hope it's because you and Mr Realdoc weren't there rather than because you missed the excellent blue cat symbol I made out of a flyer then propped on the table. It would have been a shame to have missed that.

And the band, obviously, who were great.

realdoc said...

We turned up but I think we were a bit late having quaffed a few elsewhere. Embarrassed myself by asking every bloke with a beard if his name was James.