Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Crap, intertextual crap, but crap nonetheless

My head is so full of crap at the moment, eg
Is my blog better than my bosom(s?) or viceversa? (see billy* comments)
Who's biography features a reference to Wyndham? (see Wyndham*)
Why has patroclus morphed into a bunch of scantily clad women? (see patroclus*, it's fixed now boys no links to that sort of thing on my blog, oh no)
Should I have written a diary type thing today for some very important project? (see Mr Swipe*)
How would I address Mr Alan Sugar if I met him?** (see bluecat*)

Are we living in one of millions of parallel universes? If so is there one in which I have a stupendous bosom and a much visited and award-winning blog and feature in a biography and write my diary whilst scantily- clad and carressing Sir Alan? .......No, thought not.

* I'm bloody well linking now, I'm on a linking roll, me.

**This is unlikely unless he got sick, in which case he would probably consult someone much more eminent and expensive than me. I'm free (see Romo* comments), not a quasi-realdoc at all. (see Tim*).


Dave said...

You could come over and treat my kidney stone.

realdoc said...

I'll do that dave

realdoc said...

*guffaws in an evil fashion*... have just realised that anyone googling 'I have a stupendous bosom' will now get me, hurrah!!

Molly Bloom said...

'Quasi-realdoc' - that is so cool. I'm going to call you that from now on. I think you are definitely real. And we don't mind what your bosoms are like.

I think you should go and sort out those kidney stones. Someone is calling you doc!

Quasi-realdoc - god, I love that.

Billy said...

When you wake up with a start at 5am thinking "ooh that's a good idea for a blog post" worry.

patroclus said...

Good lord Billy, that happens to me every day. I do my best thinking at 5am. Not that it ever translates into stupendously good blog posts, though.

llewtrah said...

I do my best thinking while driving to/from work. I must get a voice recorder to capture the thoughts!